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Selection of Premium Tea from Japan

Our Japanese teas are all of impeccable quality, we only focus on premium grade teas. They are picked and processed with the utmost care by our

partner producers who pack them on site before supplying us.


Discover the Kyushu Region a cup of tea at the time!

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High-Grade Organic Matcha by Koga Kumiko


MATSUKO is a ceremonial grade matcha made with a single-estate blend of the Yabukita and Yutaka Midori cultivars. Its creamy mouthfeel is accented with a hint of bitterness and a sweet finish. This matcha is produced by Kogacha Gyo, the family-operated business of Koga san based in Yame. MATSUKO exemplifies the tastes of Kagoshima and has notes of artichoke, moss, and fresh cut grass, with hints of toasted hazelnut.

Organic matcha is rare in Japan in general, and in Kyushu in particular. The leaves of this high-grade ceremonial matcha come from a single estate in southern Kagoshima, and are selected by the skilled tea masters of Koga Cha Gyo in Yame.

100g price: €60.00

price before VAT


Premium Houjicha by Toshiro Irie


JIRO is a premium organic houjicha (or hojicha) made by Irie san in Yame, according to the same strict rules he uses for our best-selling high-grade sencha, JUN: zero pesticides, zero chemicals, respectful of the soil and the environment that allows his tea leaves to grow strong and beautiful at the top of Yame mountains.

JIRO powder is nicely roasted and expertly processed and ground. Made with the same highest-grade, first-harvest kukicha (shiraore) as the whole leaves. The quality of this balanced, fine powder is apparent with every cup. It is the perfect option for making hot and iced lattes and for baking and cooking.


100g price: €35.00

price before VAT


Premium Organic  by Toshiro Irie


Miyazaki-san has created this rare and unique, pan-fired kamairicha that we are honored to share with you. This organic tea is refreshing and lively, with notes of gardenia, buttered spinach, and dried chestnut. If you are looking for a sweet and light-bodied cup, this is the tea for you. This tea will make you smile cheerfully like Miyazaki-san!

The perfect choice for those who don’t like very much the grassy and sea-weed taste of more traditional green teas.


100g price: €30.00

price before VAT


Premium Tamaryokucha by Takahashi Yuzo


Made from Yabukita cultivar, this organic, fukamushi (deep-steamed) Tamaryokucha produced by Takahashi-san has a vibrant green liquor. Its striking dark green leaves will continue to delight you as you enjoy each cup. Notes of toasted hazelnut and Brussels sprouts are accented by subtle nuances of dried mango and magnolia. This tea has a full body with complex umami characteristics and a lingering vegetal sweetness.

As soon as you open the tea bag, your interest will be piqued by the sweet perfume of this premium tamaryokucha that will remind you of caramelized nuts with a hint of mango. Its deep jade color and its pretty curly leaves (typical of tamaryokucha) are also very nice.


100g price: €43.00

price before VAT


Premium Koucha by Harashima Masashi


A unique and award-winning Japanese black tea (wa-koucha) with added handpicked sakura leaves, which gives a fragrant cherry aroma to the tea. Its orange-hued liquor has notes of clover honey, black cherry, and barley syrup.

As soon as you open the bag, the delicious sweet scent of cherry leaves greets you. This tea can be enjoyed by itself as a light breakfast tea or a lively afternoon tea. It is a tea that you will want to sip over and over again.

Harashima san’s koucha is made from local black tea leaves grown in the mountains at 500 meters above sea level. A fermented tea, this koucha has a firm taste and sweetness similar to that of Assam tea – used for non-Japanese black tea – and also a characteristically Darjeeling flavor. A perfect match for sweets.


100g price: €45.00

price before VAT


Premium Green Tea by Nakayama Kosuke


This high-grade kukicha or shiraore is a great offering from Nakayama-san in Higashi-Sonogi. IKKI’s bright green liquor is filled with refreshing citrus notes with hints of steamed asparagus and barley. This tea can be enjoyed throughout the day, as a nice afternoon tea, or a refreshing cold brew or iced tea.

Sweet price for a 100g bag.


100g price: €19.00

price before VAT


Premium Organic Sencha and Matcha Blend by Koga Kumiko


Sencha and matcha together – the best of the green tea universe in your cup! Carefully prepared by Koga san, this sweet and fragrant green tea is a blend of organic sencha and ceremonial organic matcha, both made from Yabukita cultivar.

A stunning and delicious green tea, with a vibrant and luminous color, this tea is exactly what you need during summer. You will be amazed by the absolute lack of bitterness of MIZUHO. This special blend was made by Koga san with one goal in mind : creating a refreshing and healthy drink to cope with the hot and humid summer in Kyushu..


100g price: €45.00

price before VAT