日本酒には四季があります!Sake also has Four Seasons!


Sake to enjoy in wintertime!

Shinsyu-Namasyu 「Shiboritate」


Sake that is pressed in winter and released without being heated is called Namasyu. Within the Namasyu category of sake, you can find 「Shiboritate」, which is sake that has been shipped out of the brewery between November and March. In order to preserve the freshness of the Namasyu, it is bottled as it is, without being heated, so it has a fresh, young and refreshing taste. 「Shiboritate」 is a seasonal flavor for the cold season that can be enjoyed from the winter until the beginning of spring.


How to enjoy 「Shiboritate」


The best way to enjoy freshly brewed sake is to drink it cold. Most of 「Shiboritate」 has a high alcohol content, so drinking it on the rocks with ice is also recommended. 「Shiboritate」 is a very delicate sake because it is unpasteurized. We recommend storing it in the refrigerator and drinking it as soon as possible after opening the bottle, as the aroma and taste can easily change. Please enjoy 「Shiboritate」 sake in the winter so you warm-up for the arrival of spring!

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